World’s Most Expensive Road Wheels

Development Mistakes
Disc Brake Guards are Happening


Retailing for an easygoing £5,975/€6,670 (worldwide evaluating TBC) the Fernweg circle is Lightweight’s most costly plate brake wheelset and we aren’t mindful of a more costly street wheelset accessible economically.

The wheels highlight a remarkable, pentagonal formed carbon fiber center point, which is intended to adapt to the additional rotational compel that can originates from plate brakes, and in addition enhancing heat scattering from the circle rotor. Lightweight additionally asserts the center point shell enhances control exchange versus a standard center point shell.

The Fernweg Disk is Lightweight’s second raid into plate brake perfect wheelsets, taking after the Meilenstein C Disk wheelset. Notwithstanding, Lightweight has conceded this is just the start in adjusting its system to changing interest in the street bike and marathon advertise.